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"Palestinian-Syrian Chef Reem Assil’s New Cookbook Is ‘a Love Letter to My People’: I have both the responsibility and the privilege to be able to tell the story of myself through my food because that’s healing for me, and my hunch is that when people know the story of the food they’re eating, it’s that much more delicious." -Emma Specter, 4/19/22

Episode 754: Spring Cookbook Season: "We talk to Reem Assil, author of the book Arabiyya , Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora about Arab bread and why she considers it the foundation of Arab cuisine." 4/1/2022


The 22 Best Cookbooks for Spring 2022: "Chef Reem Assil's debut cookbook Arabiyya is an unapologetic celebration of being Arab and being Arab in diaspora. It's jam-packed with fresh flavors and is a book that ripples with energy, with particular nods to Assil's Syrian and Palestinian heritage. In many ways, Arabiyya is my new favorite source of dinner party inspiration." -Bridget Hallinan

How to Make Creamy Hummus with Crispy Spiced Lamb: Chef Reem Assil’s new cookbook paints a beautiful portrait of the Arab diaspora. "Assil’s cookbook is more than a collection of recipes—it is a celebration of family and food, and an intimate exploration into the complexity of the Arab experience." -Kelsey Allen, 3/25/22

"Reem Assil’s work at the intersection of food, community, and social justice has manifested in what is no doubt bold, delicious eating, pulled from her Palestinian and Syrian roots. Connecting to the diaspora across cultures extends our community. Doing it via food creates a sense-based experience that is undeniable." —Melina Hammer, Food52 Resident

The Most Exciting Cookbooks to Look Out for This Spring: "Legendary food writer Ruth Reichl said of Arabiyya, 'This is what a cookbook should be: passion, politics, and personality are woven through the fabulous recipes.' Featuring recipes that represent her Palestinian and Syrian roots, she explores the ways in which Arab food is centered around community and hospitality. Don’t miss the section specializing in bread from the Arab bakery." -Jessica Sulima, 3/1/2022

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